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Jeff Bennett - CG Artist/Generalist

Bio: With a degree in Animation, Jeff wants nothing more than to create awesome visuals and tell stories, through the medium of digital art. He has years of experience and the equipment to do anything. All that is needed now, is to create works for people that will not only make the client happy, but works to be proud of too.


Joel Bennett - Illustrator/Graphic Artist

Bio: [Need a pic from this Century] Blah blah blah. Blarg blarg blarg. He hates long walks on the beach and islands. Enjoys Margaritas, Poke'mon, and adopting stray canaries. "I believe people don't "lose" their birds, rather they toss'em out because they can fly ...generally speaking".


Your Name - Digital Artist

The artists listed all have unique skills and styles which allows Alien Artisan to match the appropriate design problem with the best fitting artisan. If you would like to join us, send your reel and works for a review. We love seeing cool stuff almost as much as we love creating it.


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